Just Fog Q16 is the world’s smallest clearomizer using Japanese Organic Cotton Coil. The product offers perfect compatibility with most batteries offered in the market, regardless of the connection types or voltage values. This lets users avoid the trouble of finding the right batteries with the precise voltage values for their clearomizers. Following the worldwide popularity of the 1453 and MAXI series, JUSTFOG once again offers an easy-to-use yet strong clearomizer to e-cigarette users around the world JUSTFOG 14 and 16 series clearomizers all use same Japanese organic cotton coils.

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  • Resistance 1.6Ω
  • Recommended voltages 3.4V~4.4V(6W~12W)
  • Dimensions 16mm/60mm
  • Capacity 1.9ml
  • Battery Compatibility eGo 510
  • Wight 23.8g


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